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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: PS4 vs. PS2 Graphics Comparison


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: PS4 vs. PS2 Graphics Comparison

A new benchmark in HD remaster.

After producing an excellent remaster of Final Fantasy X/X2, Virtuos Studio is back, helping to renovate an updated version of Final Fantasy XII with Square Enix. Titled The Zodiac Age, the PS4 exclusive adds a host of gameplay improvements, including the addition of a turbo mode, autosave feature, and the “job” system that was only previously available in the Japanese version.

The game has also been given a thorough visual overhaul to bring it as close as possible to modern standards. By way of upgraded high definition textures, post filters and massive improvements to lighting, The Zodiac Age is an absolutely stunning example of a remastered game. Perhaps, even, the new benchmark in HD remasters.

In this feature, we’re going to demonstrate just how notable those improvements are as we take a closer look at the results of Virtuos Studios excellent work. We’ve compiled nine images across three different shot types to show off the additional fidelity, lighting, and improved textures in this edition of the game. For reference, the original game is pictured on the left of each image, with the enhanced The Zodiac Age version on the right, and make sure to click on the images to bring up full size.

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