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Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Get All Trophies


Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Get All Trophies

How to Get All Trophies in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has finally released, allowing fans a fresh new chance to jump into the world of Ivalice. Along with a number of updates and enhancements, The Zodiac Age brings trophies to the game for the very first time. Final Fantasy XII’s new trophy list is certainly nothing to scoff at, and it’s going to take you quite a bit of time to mop everything up, from collecting every Esper to seeing the story all the way through. We’ll help you figure out how to get every trophy in the game, and what its requirements are. As a note, details for story-based trophies in The Zodiac Age have been excluded to avoid spoilers, but you will get those ones automatically.

  • Champion of Ivalice (Platinum) – Collect all other trophies.
  • Assault Striker (Bronze) – Used Attack 300 times – This is one you’ll get just by playing the game long enough and attacking enemies.
  • Spellslinger (Bronze) – Cast Magicks 200 times – Self explanatory, just make sure you purchase magic and cast it a total of 200 times.
  • Premier Prestidigitator (Bronze) – Used Technicks 100 times – Just like magick, make sure you buy technicks and use them 100 times.
  • Master Thief (Bronze) – Successfully stole 50 times – Balthier, Fran, and Vaan all have access to Steal under technicks. You’ll just need to use it and actually steal something 50 times.
  • Blood Dancer (Bronze) – Defeated 500 foes – Another one you’ll get automatically as long as you play long enough.
  • The Unrelenting (Bronze)  – Completed a 50-chain in battle – Chains are done by killing the same type of enemy over and over. This trophy is most easily gotten in a low level area that has lots of the same enemy type, like Dalmasca Estersand or the Lhusu Mines.
  • Wayfarer (Bronze) – Took 50,000 steps – Another automatic trophy if you play long enough.
  • Plunderer (Bronze) – Acquired 100,000 Gil – This may take a while but just keep selling loot and equipment and you’ll get there.
  • Record Breaker (Bronze) – Obtained 50,000 Clan Points – You’ll need to beat enough hunts and boss battles to gather clan points, but eventually you’ll get this trophy if you defeat enough.
  • Spendthrift (Bronze) – Spent 1,000,000 Gil. This one is probably going to take you a while, near the end of the game or longer, but just keep selling and getting Gil then blowing it all and eventually you’ll be there.
  • Privateer (Bronze) – Sold 1,000 pieces of loot – Straightforward, but could take a while to gather enough loot.
  • Exemplar (Bronze) – Raised your party’s average level above 50 – Another one that you probably won’t get until near the end of the game, you’ll need to train up your party enough to reach this threshold.
  • Conqueror (Bronze) – Earned 48,000 License Points – This one will definitely take a while considering most enemies give you one License Point. By the end of the game you should be at least somewhat close.
  • Scrivener (Silver) – Completed the Bestiary – This can be a tough one, as you’ll literally have to face every enemy and boss in the game. This means traveling to every optional area and completing every hunt.
  • Runeweaver (Silver) – Learned every Magick – Keep in mind here that you’ll have to unlock the node for each magick on the License Board and purchase each one in order to learn it. You should eventually get this, however, once you’ve trained enough and traveled to every merchant.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades (Silver) – Learned every Technick – Basically the same as Runeweaver but with Technicks.
  • Collector (Silver) – Obtained a Morbid Urn – The Morbid Urn can be found in the Bazaar at merchants, but to unlock it you’ll first need to sell the Phobos Glaze awarded from the Paradise Risen Hunt, Horakhty’s Flame awarded from the Crime and Punishment hunt, and Deimos Clay awarded from the Paramina Run hunt.
  • Cartographer (Silver) – Fully explored every map – For this one you’ll need to fully poke around each and every map in the game. Alternatively, you can purchase maps from cartographer moogles around the world for certain areas.
  • Mist Walker (Silver) – Performed every Concurrence – Concurrences are the special attacks that play out at the end of a Quickening Chain. There are eight in total to see, and they each require certain chains to use. For example, the last and most powerful one, Black Hole, requires you chain together four of one particular level of Quickening.
  • Eagle Eye (Silver)  – Defeated Deathgaze – You’ll unlock the hunt Visitor on Deck after completing the story up through Giruvegan. He uses a plethora of status effects, so go in expecting to combat statuses and protect yourself against what you can. Fire absorbing gear also is a big help in this battle, as well as Silence.
  • Wyrmslayer (Silver) – Defeated Fafnir – Fafnir’s hunt, Wyrm Wrath’s Renewal, becomes available after the events in Giruvegan. For this battle you’ll want to make sure to have plenty of remedies and status healing for the likes of sleep and stop. Constant Bubble and Protect spells will also be needed, and the beast is weak to Thunder and Bio.
  • Sharpshooter (Silver) – Defeated the Trickster –  The Trickster’s hunt, Paramina Run, will become available after the events at Mt. Bur-Omisace. The battle is fairly straightforward, just make sure to dispel the boss’ buss, until its health become critical. Then it will set up a paling that reduces physical damage and all elemental magic will heal it. Use a big Quickening chain before this happens, and chip away at it if needed or you can use non-elemental magic like Balance, Bio, Drain, and Scourge.
  • Freshmaker (Silver) – Defeated Carrot – Carrot’s hunt, Carrot Stalk, becomes available after the events at Mt. Bur-Omisace. Carrot is a Malboro so go in expecting a ton of status effects. Equip someone with a Gambit focusing on Esuna or Remedies, and make sure to use Dispel to get the boosts off of Carrot. Other than that just focus on causing damage.
  • Master Swordsman (Silver) – Defeated Gilgamesh – Gilgamesh can be found as an elite mark from Montblanc, after the events of Giruvegan. You’ll be tasked with tracking down a mysterious man of legend in the Lhusu Mines. The two fights with him in the mines are straightforward, but challenging. Just make sure to keep buffs and healing up, while attacking with Quickenings, Magick, and everything else you have.
  • Lord of the Kings (Silver) – Defeated the Behemoth King – The Behemoth King’s hunt, Truth Shrouded in Mist, will be unlocked once all other marks up to Fafnir have been taken down. The boss switches between two phases, one where he’s immune to physical attacks and one where he’s immune to magic. You’ll need to stay on your toes and alter both your equipment and tactics to take him down. Once his health is low the Behemoth King will use an attack called Growing Threat, which is when you should unleash a Quickening Chain.
  • Hunter Extraordinaire (Silver) – Defeated Yiazmat – Yiazmat is the ultimate challenge in Final Fantasy XII that can be taken on after clearing the Hell Wyrm and all Rank VII Marks. This devastating boss has over 5 million hit points, meaning this battle is going to take you a while. There’s too much strategy for this fight to detail here, but you can find full walkthroughs on places like the Final Fantasy Wiki.
  • Radiant Savior (Silver) – Defeated the Hell Wyrm – This is an optional boss found in the Sochen Cave Palace, and works almost as a prelude to Yiazmat. You should be at least in the 50s to take this boss on, and will definitely need to have an assigned tank and buffer character.
  • Fell Angel ( Silver) – Defeated Ultima – Ultima is an optional boss that you can find in the lowest area of the Great Crystal in Giruvegan. Again this is a boss that has not only a lengthy strategy, but also takes quite a bit of work to find. Refer to the Final Fantasy Wiki or another resource for a full walkthrough.
  • Zodiac Knight (Silver) – Defeated Zodiark – Zodiark is the most powerful Esper in all of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and he can be found in the special dig site at Henne Mines. To even reach this boss you have to obtain ten Espers, and talk to a Shaman in Jahara. For tips on how to beat this immense challenge, refer to a resource similar to the others.
  • High Summoner (Gold) – Obtained every Esper – For this you’ll need to get every Esper in the game, both mandatory and optional. They are; Belias, Mateus, Adrammelech, Zalera, Shemhazai, Hashmal, Cuchulainn, Zeromus, Exodus, Famfrit, Chaos, Ultima, and Zodiark.
  • For the Homeland (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.
  • Galbana Bloom (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.
  • Fated Meeting (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.
  • The Mist Seethes (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.
  • Visions of the Dreamer (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.
  • Reins of History (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.
  • Wings of My Own (Silver) – Story related, awarded upon beating the game.
  • Judge Magister (Bronze) – Completed the 5oth trial – Make it to level 50 in Trial Mode, which can be accessed from the main menu.
  • Imperator (Gold) – Completed the 100th trial – Completely finish Trial Mode.

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a remaster of the International Zodiac Job System version of the game that released exclusively in Japan in 2007. On top of the changes to that version, it also features a number of new enhancements like HD graphics, a fast forward button, and more.

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