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5 Final Fantasy Characters That Could Take Sephiroth’s Place in Kingdom Hearts III


5 Final Fantasy Characters That Could Take Sephiroth’s Place in Kingdom Hearts III

One of these has to be willing to fight Sora, right?

Ardyn Izunia

It was recently revealed that Sephiroth, the big bad from Final Fantasy VII, may not make an appearance as a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts III. Those who have yet to try an entry in this beloved series may not find any issue with that, but fans who’ve triumphed over Kingdom Hearts’ challenges for the better part of two decades felt the potential absence like a Masamune to the back (too soon?). While we collectively worked to find our bearings as Cloud carried us away, we realized that while him not being there will be noticeable, it opens up the door for some other intriguing characters to take his place.

One such character is the newest member of Final Fantasy’s rogues gallery, Ardyn Izunia, the mysterious antagonist from Final Fantasy XV. While he doesn’t have flowing silver locks of hair, or an impossibly long blade that he uses to kill people’s girlfriends, he does suffer from that tortured soul thing that Sephiroth wears so well. Ardyn is also clever, humorous, and really powerful, utilizing all the abilities that Noctis has, yet managing to make them look even more badass. After all, he had centuries to perfect his skills after being spurned by the Astrals after using questionable means to save the world. His ferocity and cunning nature will make him a tricky fight that will keep players on their toes as he flits to and fro, using his blades to teleport just close enough to kill you. He’s definitely a character we’d like to see more of, and filling in the shoes of another beloved villain is a good step towards that happening. 

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