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FIFA 18 Demo: What the Release Date Is


FIFA 18 Demo: What the Release Date Is

What the FIFA 18 Demo Release Date Is

Each and every year, EA Sports releases the next entry into its established FIFA Soccer series. FIFA 18 is due to release Sept. 29 with the next chapter of Alex Hunter’s story, updated squad rosters, and a bunch of tweaks and refinements to the game’s engine. Of course, fans will take any opportunity they can to start getting used to the improvements and gameplay changes so they can get straight to owning on day one. As such, many players will be wondering when the FIFA 18 demo release date is.

Currently, EA has yet to announce a release date for the FIFA 18 demo, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good idea of when to expect it. In the past two years, EA has released the demo for both FIFA 16 and 17 roughly two weeks before the game’s full release. Taking that into account, there’s a good chance that the demo’s release date is going to be Sept. 15 or sometime in that week.

As soon as an announcement is made, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know, but rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll more than likely get to take to the pitch a little earlier than expected.

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