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Doomfist’s Voice Actor Isn’t Terry Crews After All


Doomfist’s Voice Actor Isn’t Terry Crews After All

You won’t be hearing that familiar voice after all.

Doomfist is finally available in Overwatch on the PTR, and you can play as him right now if you’re so inclined on the PC version. But you may notice something a little different than what you were expecting if you listen to Doomfist’s speaking voice. His voice actor isn’t Terry Crews, as fans had been hoping for.

Previously, Crews had voiced his desire to play Doomfist if he were able to do so, but the role has gone to actor Sahr Ngaujah, who appeared in the films The Signal (2007), Stomp the Yard (2007), and Money Monster (2016). Blizzard confirmed the voice actor’s identity to Twinfinite in response to a request for comment.

So if you were hoping to hear Crews’ familiar voice ring out from Doomfist as you plow your way through enemies, you won’t be privy to that treat, but Ngaujah seems to be doing a great job filling the role at present. True, it isn’t the voice fans were looking to hear, but it’s always awesome to bring worthy and awesome new talent aboard, and Doomfist truly does sound as cool as he looks.


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