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Destiny 2: Who Ghaul Is


Destiny 2: Who Ghaul Is

Who Ghaul Is in Destiny 2

There are a going to be a lot of new characters being introduced in Destiny 2. After the Tower is destroyed, the Vanguard is forced out into the world where they’ll forge new alliances and seek out new ways to triumph over their enemies. One of the new characters is the catalyst behind it all and his name is Dominus Ghaul. He is the big baddie of Destiny 2, a Cabal who leads the Red Legion and you’ll be introduced to him personally at the end of the game’s opening mission, Homecoming.

After the Skyburners’ distress signal, which you may remember from The Taken King and how the Cabal invaded Oryx’s ship, Ghaul’s attention is directed towards our solar system. When he arrives he sees the Traveler, a being that denied Ghaul and his people the power of its light. He never got over being passed over and hates that humanity got the blessing, so this is the perfect opportunity for his revenge. He destroys the tower and seizes the Traveler which removes the abilities of the Vanguard and sends everyone scrambling for cover.

He’s not going to be easy to overcome, as he was powerful already even without the Traveler’s Light. With the entire Cabal military behind him, things are more harrowing than they’ve ever been. You may have killed a god in the first game, but Ghaul is something much more sinister.

Good luck, Guardians.

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