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Destiny 2: Where to Find Hawthorne and Who She Is


Destiny 2: Where to Find Hawthorne and Who She Is

Who Is Hawthorne and Where to Find Her in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has a large cast of characters to meet, fight alongside, and do battle against. Some of the characters are doing everything they can to help the disassembled Vanguard get back on its feet and reclaim the home that Ghaul took. One such individual is Hawthorne, a young woman who ventured out of the safety of the Last City when she was younger in order to find her own Legend. After the events that kick off Destiny 2, she’s found her purpose and it’s in helping any Guardians that need her.

She helped to found the Guardian Camp located in the European Dead Zone. As such, you’ll have to progress a bit through the story in order to actually meet Hawthorne, and she is not available in the Beta at the moment (though who knows, Bungie may let her make a cameo). Another interesting tidbit about Hawthorne may put a smile on those who ordered the collector’s edition. The included frontier bag is the same one that Hawthorne uses, which helps tie the edition into the actual game. Now you can be like one of the biggest new characters in Destiny 2 and help some Guardians of your own. Just steer clear of Ghaul for now, whether in game or out.

Good luck, Guardians.

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