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What’s Different in Destiny 2


What’s Different in Destiny 2

Class Roles

What’s Different in Destiny 2

While you had three different classes (which each ended up having three subclasses a piece) in Destiny, outside of their supers they all filled pretty much the same role. You saw things, you shot things, and you tried not to die. With the simple addition of class abilities in Destiny 2, Bungie has helped to give the Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans roaming the galaxy a bit more of a defined role which certainly feeds into the heavier focus on team-based play.

The Warlock, for instance, is capable of dropping rifts of light that can be set to either heal or boost damage. It also has abilities that are cleared more towards crowd control rather than focusing on a sole, powerful enemy, making for a potent support Guardian that can keep adds to a minimum while healing fireteam members. In a completely different role is the Titan, which feels more like the tank that it always should have been. Shields, overshields, powerful melee abilities, and barricades make it a frontline powerhouse that keeps those behind it safe. It’s nice to see more of the RPG side of things creep into Bungie’s shared-world shooter. 

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