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Destiny 2: What the FPS on PS4 and Xbox One Is


Destiny 2: What the FPS on PS4 and Xbox One Is

What Destiny 2’s FPS Is on Xbox One and PS4

Destiny 2 is right around the corner (and its beta is currently live for players to try out) and it’s looking pretty darn solid. One thing that has been on everybody’s mind since the reveal though is Destiny 2’s FPS (frames per second) on console. With the last game being at 30, many were hoping that dropping last gen consoles would mean a boost in performance. Unfortunately, while the game does get a noticeable boost from the newer hardware, it doesn’t affect FPS.

The FPS on both the PS4 and Xbox One is 30. This limitation is caused by each console’s CPU, which just can’t support that type of horsepower. However, the PS4 Pro version runs at a beautiful 4K resolution, and though not confirmed, we expect that the same will be true of the Xbox One X. Don’t worry, though, the game still runs very smooth and is just as fun as you remember the first one being.

If you really, really need 60 FPS as part of your Destiny 2 experience, we suggest waiting on the PC release in October. That is capable of taking full advantage of your hardware and will offer uncapped framerates for all.

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