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Destiny 2: How to Download the Beta on PS4


Destiny 2: How to Download the Beta on PS4

How to Download the Destiny 2 Beta on PS4

The Destiny 2 closed beta has just begun and Guardians everywhere are flocking towards the new challenges. Before you can even think to start, though, you need to download the Destiny 2 Beta, which can be a little complicated. There are two ways to do this, and it all depends on how you plan on getting in.

The closed beta, which runs until July 21, is only available for those that pre-ordered Destiny 2. Search the PlayStation Store for Destiny 2 – Beta, and if you’ve pre-ordered the game digitally you’ll be instantly able to download. If you pre-ordered elsewhere, you would have received a code to turn in at this link, after which you should be able to find your code in your profile over at (or they’ll email it to you) that you can then redeem on PSN.

Alternatively, you can wait until July 21 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET which is when the open beta goes live. You won’t need any code to access the Destiny 2 beta at that time and should be able to download the app immediately. Keep in mind that you won’t be alone, so expect some slow downs as everyone else tries to do the same. That’s all there is to it, have fun!

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