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Destiny 2 Crucible Survival PVP Mode Details Revealed

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Crucible Survival PVP Mode Details Revealed

More team-based PvP in Destiny 2 is a good thing.

We get a look at Destiny 2’s new Survival PVP mode, a new addition to the Crucible, via IGN. This new team-based mode adds finite lives, permanent death, and has an emphasis on team coordination and squad-based tactics. This is the second team-based mode to be revealed for Destiny 2, the first being Countdown.

Survival encourages players to stay alive as long as possible via the limited amount of lives. However, it’s not punishing enough to make someone feel like a failure for being killed by the enemy a few times. It seems like it’ll give inexperienced players a chance to contribute to the team while still providing a challenge for Destiny veterans.

IGN also got an opportunity to see a new map, Altar of Flame. Alter of Flame is set on Mercury and is a medium map with vantage points for snipers, as well as medium and close quarter friendly locations for those who like to fight the enemy eye-to-eye. The heavy ammunition spawn is right in the center of the map, and if players want to activate their most powerful weapons, they’ll have to duke it out in a very vulnerable spot.

Some fans were disappointed in the changes in Destiny 2’s PVP balance, but we’re excited to see how players strategize in these new modes. Maybe there’ll be a bigger emphasis on individual gameplay preferences when it comes to player loadout rather than the same tired adherence to whatever is in vogue at the moment.

We’ll know for sure just how Survival mode players out when Destiny 2 comes out on September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.


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