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Destiny 2 Beta: Where the Social Space Is


Destiny 2 Beta: Where the Social Space Is

Where the Social Space Is in the Destiny 2 Beta

With the Destiny 2 Beta kicking things off with the Tower coming under attack, many Guardians are probably wondering exactly where the Social Space will be in the upcoming game. Others may just be wondering whether they’ll even get to see the Social Space in the Beta. Well, fear not, as we’re here to answer all of your questions.

The Social Space in Destiny 2 will be somewhere called The Farm. Guardians will be able to dance, turn in bounties, and just about everything else they did at the Tower with some neat additions to boot. Unfortunately, The Farm isn’t currently available in the Destiny 2 Beta, but it is on the way.

Bungie announced that the Social Space will make a brief appearance in the beta starting on Sunday, July 23 at 1 pm ET. It’s worth noting, however, that most of the vendors and services will be offline and it’ll only be available for an hour. It may sound disappointing, but at least you’ll get a sneak peak of the Tower’s replacement all the same.

We’ll be covering Destiny 2’s beta and the full game when it releases, so be sure to check back with us for more quick and handy guides.

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