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Destiny 2: How to Stop the Turbines


Destiny 2: How to Stop the Turbines

How to Stop the Turbines in Destiny 2

At the end of the Homecoming mission, the story mission at the very start of Destiny 2, you’ll find yourself in a room with large turbines and a task to stop them, yet it’s not entirely clear what you have to do. What is clear is that if you get hit you will die a horribly painful death. Not very becoming of a Guardian who must save humanity. Don’t worry, though, it’s actually much easier than it looks.

If you look down beneath where the turbines are rotating, you’ll notice three recesses in the ground. Simply jump into those and shoot the shining platform under the spinning column to stop the turbines. You can maybe pick off two easily from the entry point, but you will need to jump down for at least one. It’s not too difficult, so don’t be afraid of jumping down for all three, just keep an eye out for the large tubes that will kill you. Once you shoot the platforms you will have successfully stopped the turbines and will be able to move towards the end of the Destiny 2 opening mission and witness something… well, we’ll let you see it for yourself.

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Good luck and safe travels, Guardians.

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