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Destiny 2 Beta: How to Get All New Exotics and What They Do


Destiny 2 Beta: How to Get All New Exotics and What They Do

How to Get All New Exotics in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Beta is live and it’s letting players get a small taste of what’s to come when Sept. 6 rolls around. Part of the experience is the inclusion of a few shiny new exotics to try out, and they’re actually really easy to get. The first mission, in the beta at least, gives you an exotic as part of the story to help you halt the Cabal onslaught. Just play through the first mission until about a fifth of the way through where you’ll come across Shaxx. he’ll open a door and you’ll pick up your shiny weapon.

The thing is, each class – Warlock, Hunter, and Titan – gets one of the pre-determined exotics right off the rip, and you have no choice in the matter. To get all three exotics, you’ll need to run through the opening with each character. Also, note that you can’t trade weapons between your Guardians, as there is no social space currently, and no vault. The three exotics are as follows:

Riskrunner (Warlock) – This submachine gun has high handling though its range and stability aren’t as notable. It shoots ridiculously fast and gains increased damage if and when you take Arc damage yourself. Another perk adds chain lightning to your fire when you take damage.

Sunshot (Hunter) – A powerful solar hand cannon that uses explosive rounds and highlights targets to make them easier to see. Also, any targets killed will explode in a burst of fire damaging nearby enemies. Definitely a nice weapon to try out in Destiny 2.

Sweet Business (Titan) – This Gatling-looking auto rifle is a force to be reckoned with. It has high stability and a rather large magazine (99 rounds). The longer you hold down the trigger, the further and faster it shoots, plus it has increased accuracy if you don’t aim. Crucible goers beware.

These are the exotics currently available. We’ll be sure to update if any more appear. For now, try them all out while you can and see which of the exotics you’ll be gunning for once Destiny 2 rolls around.

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