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Destiny 2 Beta: Can You Make a Clan?


Destiny 2 Beta: Can You Make a Clan?


Clans were a part of the first Destiny but they weren’t made obvious to the player. Bungie has confirmed that they’re getting an overhaul for Destiny 2 but can you make a clan in the beta that launched today?

Unfortunately, you cannot make or join a clan in the Destiny 2 Beta, with the feature being held back for the full game’s release. That is probably due to the significant changes that are coming to the feature that Bungie will want to leave until the game is complete.

The sequel makes clans more obvious on the user interface, allowing Guardians to see the live roster of the clan they are a part of and create fire teams easily from there. Clan members will also be able to join their friends without having to leave the game. Destiny 2 clans will also feature customizable banners and descriptions, allowing players looking for a new group get an idea of what the clan is about. There will also be a new reward system for clans but Bungie has yet to divulge exactly what those rewards are. Essentially, organizing and joining clans will be much easier in the upcoming game than it was in the original, but the feature hasn’t been included in the beta.

Making and joining clans will return for the full Destiny 2 release. For more on the beta and the full game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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