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Destiny 2: All Voidwalker Skill Tree Perks and Skills (Beta)


Destiny 2: All Voidwalker Skill Tree Perks and Skills (Beta)

Voidwalker Skill Tree in Destiny 2

The Voidwalker got a bit of face lift in Destiny 2 which sees a lot of its skills get some much-needed upgrades. This turns Warlocks into a frontline medic capable of surviving against impossible odds. Check out the full skill tree of this returning Guardian:


Vortex – A continuous vortex of Void Light that damages any enemies caught inside.

Axion Bolt – This grenade breaks apart once it hits something then seeks out targets.

Scatter – Cover large areas in dangerous Void Light after this grenade bursts into tons of little grenades.


Strafe Glide – Your typical Warlock jump which lets you glide through the air.

Blink – Who needs gliding when you can teleport?

Burst Glide – A stronger boost, though it does cost you a bit of maneuverability.

Class Ability

Empowering Rift – Drops a pool of light that increases weapon damage for you and all allies that stand inside.

Healing Rift – Become a field medic and heal yourself and your allies.

Super Ability

Nova Bomb – Veterans will know this skill quite well, just fire off a huge ball of light and destroy anything in your path. How it works is determined by the path you choose in your Voidwalker skill tree in Destiny 2.

Attunement of Chaos

This path is heavily focused on dealing damage over large areas, essentially allowing you to control the field.

Cataclysm – Your Nova Bomb is slower, but it also seeks out enemies and shatters into tracking bombs. You can also shoot it to make it explode earlier.

Bloom – Kill someone with a grenade or melee ability and they’ll explode.

Chaos Accelerant – You can power up your grenades by holding L1/LB to feed them with your super power.

Entropic Pull – Melee ability hits will use your enemy’s health to charge your grenade.

Attunment of Hunger

This path is all about survivability and making the most out of being on the front lines.

Vortex – Your Nova Bomb now creates a singularity on impact, sucking in enemies and doing continuous damage.

Devour – Melee kills instantly fill your health and allow for you to restore health with kills for a short time.

Feed the Void – You can eat your grenade by holding L1/LB in order to regenerate health. This also grants the Devour effect.

Insatiable – With Devour active, all kills make it last longer and recharge your grenades.

There’s the Voidwalker skill tree in Destiny 2. As you can tell, Bungie took a beastly subclass and made it even more dangerous. Which path will you choose?

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