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Destiny 2: All Sentinel Skill Tree Perks and Skills (Beta)


Destiny 2: All Sentinel Skill Tree Perks and Skills (Beta)

Sentinel Skill Tree in Destiny 2

The Sentinel is the new Void subclass for Titans in Destiny 2. Its focus is on defense, but that doesn’t mean it can’t do quite a bit of damage to any who cross your path. Using its shield it can deal massive damage and wreck the faces of aliens and fellow Guardians (in the Crucible of course) alike. Below you’ll find the entire Sentinel skill tree so you know what awaits you when Destiny 2 releases on Sept. 6.


Magnetic – Attaches to enemies and explodes twice.

Voidwall – Trying to stop enemies in their tracks? How about wall of burning Void Light to make them think twice about chasing you.

Suppressor – Disable enemy abilities for a few seconds.


High Lift – Get a huge boost of speed and height for your double jump.

Strafe Lift – Similar to High Lift although with much more control.

Catapult Lift – Launch yourself like a cannonball into the sky.

Class Ability

Towering Barricade – Summon a huge wall of light that you can use as cover.

Rally Barricade – A smaller barrier that you can crouch behind and shoot over. It also instantly reloads the weapon in your hands when you take cover.

Super Ability

Sentinel Shield – Summon a Void shield that you can use to block (L2/LT), attack (R1/RB), or even throw (L1/LB). It’s abilities can change depending on which path you choose in the Sentinel skill tree in Destiny 2.

Code of the Protector

All about defense and keeping your team alive.

Ward of Dawn – Yes, the bubble returns.

Defensive Strike – If you get a kill with a melee ability you’ll get an overshield for you and any nearby allies.

Rallying Force – Melee kills also restore health.

Turn the Tide – Your overshield now lasts even longer while also increasing melee damage and reload speed.

Code of the Aggressor

Sometimes a good defense is a really strong offense. This path allows you to focus on destroying any who oppose you.

Second Shield – You can throw your shield twice.

In the Trenches – Kills while surrounded speed up your super recharge.

Superior Arsenal – Grenade kills charge your grenades.

As you can see, the Sentinel skill tree provides the skills necessary to be a potent tank in Destiny 2. Now you can truly rally the troops and lead them into battle.

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