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Dark Souls III: How to Get the Black Knight Armor


Dark Souls III: How to Get the Black Knight Armor

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Getting the Black Knight Armor in Dark Souls III

The Black Knight is an iconic enemy type in the Dark Souls series, and they’ve made a return in Dark Souls III. One thing to note about these enemies is that unlike their original Dark Souls 1 counterparts, they will respawn in this game, making them much easier to farm if you’re looking to get their full gear sets.

The first Black Knight can be found in Farron Keep, near the Perimeter bonfire. Instead of heading to the Abyss Watchers, turn around from the bonfire and go in the direction of the large Crystal Lizard. You’ll find the Knight further down the path.

The best way to farm these enemies is by unlocking the Untended Graves area, defeating Champion Gundyr, and fighting the four Black Knights in the area leading up to Dark Firelink Shrine. These enemies will drop their full armor set, as well as the Shield, Greatsword, and Great Axe, depending on which weapons they have equipped. You can also consume a Rusted Gold Coin (which can be bought from Patches), and equip the Symbol of Avarice to improve the drop chances.

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