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Castlevania Producer Wants to Bring a Metroid Series to Netflix Soon


Castlevania Producer Wants to Bring a Metroid Series to Netflix Soon

The Metroid fever is oh so real

All your life you’ve probably been told that Disney Theme Parks are the places where dreams come true. Well, you’ve been lied to. The place where dreams come true is actually Netflix. If you need any proof, consider the fact that the very same streaming service that allowed you to toss your cable box out the window, marathon some of the most popular series in existence and plays host to an oddly satisfying collection of nature content that makes you feel less guilty about never going outside has also decided to bring all of Castlevania’s vampirey goodness to an animated series. Now we’re all hoping that Netflix’s knack for making dreams come true continues on in the form of a Metroid series.

Our odds aren’t looking too bad considering the fact that the producer behind the Castlevania Netflix series really wants to see a Metroid series hit the platform as well. Adi Shankar, who has also been tapped to produce an upcoming animated Assassin’s Creed series on Netflix, recently revealed that he hopes to give Samus her own series in the future.  During a recent sit down with Nintendo Life Shankar said that he’d like to bring a “dark Metroid” series with the same animation style to Netflix. Considering the ongoing list of projects for the 32-year-old producer, it could be quite some time before he has the opportunity to give that dream some serious thought. The good news is that Castlevania is around to keep us satisfied and distracted until then.

He also promises that the Assassin’s Creed series will be something worth looking forward to. Of course, that claims is being taken with a grain of salt because we heard empty promises about the last Assassin’s Creed adaptation that was promised to bring the true essence of the wildly successful game to the big screen.

But Castlevania is off to a great start (with a second season already confirmed) and if Shankar’s adaptation of Asassin’s Creed is anywhere near as impressive, it will push our dreams of an animated Metroid series even closer to becoming reality. If this does come to fruition, it will be the second Metroid related dream to be bestowed upon us. This year’s E3 teased Metroid fans by announcing Metroid Prime 4 but Nintendo refused to dish out any additional information. So we have no idea how long it may be before either of these new properties become a real thing but just the thought of a new Metroid game and Netflix series is enough to get excited about.

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