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Blizzard Is Withdrawing Support For Its Games on Windows XP and Vista

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Blizzard Is Withdrawing Support For Its Games on Windows XP and Vista

It’s time to upgrade.

If you’re still playing classic Blizzard titles like StarCraft 2 or World of Warcraft on a Windows PC with Vista or XP, you’re going to want to consider upgrading. Blizzard has reminded players that, following plans announced in February, they’re still moving forward with ending support for those operating systems. This change is currently planned for sometime in October.

Unfortunately there’s no date in mind for the change, but if you’re running Blizzard games on these OSes, you’re going to want to kick into action if you want to continue to be able to play some of your favorite games. Why is Blizzard doing this? Basically, to get everyone on the same page again since even Microsoft went ahead and ceased supporting both OSes back in 2009 and 2012 respectively, but Blizzard held on for players who were still using said software. You can think of it as a “grace period” of sorts, but that time is ending.

Blizzard will unfurl the changes going forward on a rolling schedule, so you’ll have time to make the necessary changes to go forward, but upgrading is a good idea in general, so you may want to go ahead and do so to avoid any problems in the future. It’s time to step into the future. There’s nothing wrong with that.


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