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Top 8 Best Nintendo Exclusives of 2017 So Far


Top 8 Best Nintendo Exclusives of 2017 So Far

Better than all the rest!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Best Nintendo Exclusives of 2017 So Far

breath of the wild

You can’t talk about the best Nintendo exclusives of 2017 without mentioning The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Putting players in control of Link once again, players explore a huge, fully-realized version of Hyrule, except this time it’s close to falling to Ganon’s darkness. It’s a new take on the classic Legend of Zelda story formula, but it’s one that works perfectly for the stunning world that players find themselves in.

From the moment you start until the credits roll, Breath of the Wild is a breathtaking experience filled with wondrous secrets to find and tough challenges to face. The combat is slick, exploration is nothing short of a joy, and the sense of freedom makes it incredibly easy to burn entire evenings doing anything but the main quest. With over 100 Shrines to not only test your skills but your brains, too, there’s plenty of content to keep you going for near 100 hours. It’s only going to get better with the release of its expansions, too. If you’ve got a Switch or a Wii U and haven’t yet picked up Breath of the Wild, you should absolutely buy it right this second.

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