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7 Best Multiplayer and Co-Op Games of June 2017


7 Best Multiplayer and Co-Op Games of June 2017

Race, fight, or even stalk and kill your buddies!



Nintendo’s new heavy hitter ARMS released for the Nintendo Switch on June 16 with praise for its notably complex fighting strategies using interchangeable arms, while still being evocative of classic fighting Nintendo games like Punch-Out.

Up to four players can control numerous different fighters, ranging from a classic looking stretchy guy named Spring Man to a girl made out of literal ramen noodles by the name of Min Min. You jump, dodge, and punch at your enemies with special arms that can be switched up to better fit your fighting style. Besides the classic multiplayer mode with both online and couch co-op functionality, ARMS also has a few other modes including Grand Prix where you attempt to win 10 fights in a row with seven different levels of difficulty, or other versus modes where you can play springy versions of basketball, volleyball, target shooting, and more.

ARMS released on the Nintendo Switch on June 16.

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