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10 Star-Spangled Games Perfect for Celebrating 4th of July


10 Star-Spangled Games Perfect for Celebrating 4th of July

All about independence.

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Saint’s Row IV

Saint’s Row has always been about crazy action and huge explosions, which would feel right at home in a Summer blockbuster. With Saint’s Row IV, however, things get kicked up to a patriotic level. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by taking down some aliens as the President of the United States. That’s just how Saint’s Row IV starts, and its absurd opening has you making some tough presidential decisions before defending the White House from an alien invasion.

Of course, the rest of the game is filled with you becoming a super hero and using those powers to continue the fight, all the while playing as your Saint that’s become president. It’s the perfect popcorn action game to pick up this Fourth of July, with plenty of over the top patriotism mixed in. You can even replace all those fireworks with explosions or shots from your dubstep gun.

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