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August 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


August 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Let’s look into the crystal ball.

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PS Plus Free Games For August 2017

The end of summer is fast approaching, and you’ll need some games to get you through the next heat wave. PS4 owners can look forward to another distribution of free PlayStation Plus titles with their monthly subscription, with it including at least one “bigger” game, a couple of indies, and hopefully a VR title or two to help out the latest PSVR platform.

For August 2017, a solid prediction for the bigger title that we’re putting our money on is The Wolf Among Us from Telltale. Besides the point that PlayStation Plus and Telltale go hand in hand, just look at Telltale’s Game of Thrones series being offered for July 2017 and Tales from the Borderlands for May 2017 just to name a few, Telltale just announced season 2 is on its way coming sometime next year.

This news along with confirmed future seasons for Telltale’s Batman and The Walking Dead series was announced in a Summer 2017 Telltale update video seen here. What better way to get people excited for a new season then allowing new and returning players alike a chance to playthrough the first for free this coming month on PlayStation Plus? If if it’s not offered in August, expect The Wolf Among Us on the PlayStation Plus roster sometime in the near future.

Update (Jul. 26): The Free PS Plus games for August 2017 have been revealed.

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