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All Current Generation Consoles Ranked By Number of Exclusives


All Current Generation Consoles Ranked By Number of Exclusives

Playing top trumps.

5) Nintendo Switch

26 Console Exclusive Games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch

Editor’s note: In this article “exclusives” are defined as console exclusive titles not available on another current generation system. Thanks to Gematsu for providing an excellent reference for an up-to-date list of exclusives games across all platforms.

The Nintendo Switch has only been out in the wild for 4 months, so no surprises it’s clocking in at the bottom of this list. That being said, let’s not play down the impressive start the console has enjoyed since launch. 26 console exclusive titles (2 of which are import-only) after such a short amount of time isn’t bad at all, especially in the face of its lack of third party support, which was criticized after its on-stage reveal back in January.

Despite the much talked about absence of any substantial third party partnerships, the Switch’s library has been bolstered firstly by a decent start by first party Nintendo studios, and secondly by a decent showing from indie developers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has, of course, been the console’s focal point after receiving universal acclaim. For over two months it was really the only reason to own the console (even though there is a Wii U version), emerging as one of the highest rated games of all time on Metacritic. Technically speaking, that makes the Switch’s launch line up one of the best ever, right? Ok, perhaps that is reaching a tad, but it’s hard to think of a console that has ever released with such a must-play title right off the bat.

While Nintendo’s 1-2 Switch party game hasn’t emulated the lofty heights of similar content on previous consoles such as Wii Sports, other titles such as Snipper Clips have impressed with their innovation. Another new IP that has caught the eye is ARMS, which may yet be destined to become one of Nintendo’s big new franchise moving forward, especially if it penetrates the esports scene. Speaking of which, Splatoon 2’s recent launch marks the arrival of another fledgling franchise that is starting to gain real traction.

The immediate future is also looking bright for the Switch with 26 known upcoming exclusives scheduled to launch within the next 12 months (not including Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon). As a result, the Switch is enjoying one of the best opening years of any console in recent memory.

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