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Adorable Pikmin Overload in Latest Hey! Pikmin Launch Trailer


Adorable Pikmin Overload in Latest Hey! Pikmin Launch Trailer

These Pikmin will grow on you.

Who says you have to dump your 3DS for a shiny new Nintendo Switch? Along with anticipated games on the way including Metroid: Samus Returns, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions, and Monster Hunter Stories, Hey! Pikmin is making its way to the 3DS to support the mobile platform with some great titles to take us into 2018.

In the latest trailer for the adorable platformer, we get a peek at tons of cute Pikmin you can use in your journey, as well as some amiibo functionality and creative use of the dual 3DS screens when it comes to boss battles.

Compatible amiibo will uncover secret spots for you to discover with touchscreen puzzles as well, with the Olimar and new Pikmin amiibo allowing you to call in back-up Pikmin when you find yourself trapped between a Rock Pikmin and a hard place.

There’s currently a free demo available on the Nintendo eShop if you want to try out the game before you buy. As for the full release, expect Hey! Pikmin to hit 3DS platforms in just a few days on July 28.


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