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8 Other Square RPGs That Deserve The Zodiac Age Treatment


8 Other Square RPGs That Deserve The Zodiac Age Treatment

Bring them back.

The Last Remnant

RPGs That Deserve the Zodiac Age Treatment

The Last Remnant was an overlooked JRPG on the Xbox 360 that featured an engaging battle system focused on multiple-squad combat. You play as Rush Sykes, a young man who finds himself embroiled in a worldwide conflict. The world in The Last Remnants focuses on powerful artifacts known as Remnants that are bound to people, granting them powers and abilities above their own.

While The Last Remnant certainly wasn’t the biggest or best RPG, it did feature an interesting story and fascinating combat system that had you grouping multiple characters together into squads. You could bring multiple squads into battle, resulting in some pretty massive conflicts. Unfortunately the game did have some issues, but they could easily be worked out with a remaster. First of all, technical issues like frame rate drops and pop in textures could easily be ironed out with a technical upgrade. At the same time, making some overhauls to the combat and leveling systems could cause things to be even more engaging, and a fast forward button feature could ease out some of the slower elements of the game. Final Fantasy XII was a pretty good game already, but The Last Remnant could truly stand to benefit from a similar update.

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