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5 Games that Could Potentially Become Massive Esports


5 Games that Could Potentially Become Massive Esports

With the growing popularity of the competitive gaming scene, here are five games that have potential to be esport juggernauts!


Battlerite, Pearl Combat

Imagine a MOBA that was all fighting all the time. No minions to last hit, no towers to destroy, and no jungle filled with monsters to get gold from. This is how Battlerite is, a game that pits teams of two or three against each other in a fight to the death. Boasting 21 playable champions with their own distinct moves and styles of play, this title has a lot of esports potential based on its simplicity. Boiling down the traditionally drawn out games seen in other MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA 2 to short bursts of action would be perfect for an esports setting with spectators.

Many fans of more traditional MOBAs will tell you that “teamfights” are the most intense parts of matches, so giving the community a game that is only player vs player combat is a no-brainer. Perhaps having each game between two teams can be best of three or five, with how fast-paced each individual matches tend to be.

This post was originally authored by Ian Gibson.

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