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5 Game Modes Splatoon 2 Should Take From Other Shooters


5 Game Modes Splatoon 2 Should Take From Other Shooters

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Gun Game

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Splatoon, and now Splatoon 2, are some of the most unique shooters to launch on any system in recent years, with their quirky sense of style and emphasis on controlling turf. Even with how unique the series is, there are still some key modes that Splatoon 2 could stand to take from other shooters and contemporaries. Of course, it wouldn’t fit the series if Nintendo didn’t find a way to specially adapt it. We’ll take a look at a few modes that should definitely make their way to Splatoon 2 in the future.

Gun Game is one of the most unique game modes to hit the Call of Duty series, featuring cycling weapons that have you using a different gun each time you get a kill. This is an idea that would be perfect for Splatoon, either as it’s used in Call of Duty or with a bit of a twist. Just imagine how hectic a match of Turf War would be with weapons cycling every 30 or 20 seconds. This would make the fast pace of each Splatoon match even more intense. The best way to do this would be to randomize the weapons so each player has something different at each point, but everyone uses the same weapons at every point during the match. Or even better, you’d need to randomize sub weapons and special powers. This means there’s a ton of different combinations possible, allowing for wild variation in just one match.

Splatoon at this point doesn’t have a team deathmatch mode to speak of, but this could be a unique way to introduce the mode to Nintendo’s shooter. Of course, cycling weapons would be just as novel in a turf war mode and add a layer of unpredictability into things.

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