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4 Changes that Take Destiny 2’s PvP to the Next Level


4 Changes that Take Destiny 2’s PvP to the Next Level

The Devil’s in the details.

New Class Skills

destiny 2

Class skills make their debut in Destiny 2. In the original game, different subclasses for guardians were set apart by jump styles, grenades, melee types, and super abilities. Now, each class (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock) have their own abilities that players can use on recharge. Titans can now create a void light wall for impromptu cover, Warlocks now create pools of light that either heal their teammates or deliver a damage boost, and Hunters have new movement abilities that simultaneously reload their weapons.

These new abilities create another layer within Destiny’s multiplayer. While team sizes are now limited to four players — down from the six allowed in the original — coming up with the right combination of abilities among the four guardians can make all of the difference within the crucible. Titans can use their light shields to cover flanks at over exposed capture points and Warlocks can coordinate their light pools to give their teammates a slight boost that can put them over the top in a gun fight.

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