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10 Sizzling Summer 2017 Anime You Should Be Watching


10 Sizzling Summer 2017 Anime You Should Be Watching

Time to make room for some more anime.

Altair: A Record of Battles

Best Summer Anime 2017

Altair is an action/drama anime that started earlier this month. It follows Mahmut, a young orphan of war who is doing everything he possibly can to ensure that war never ravages his country again. Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done. The only way he can help is to seek out alliances to stem the advancement of the dangerous Balt-Rhein Empire, while also keeping an eye out for possible political schemes that may threaten its home.

The art style is a bit more serious than a lot of popular fare out there, focusing more on delivering something with a more mature tone and serious political intrigue. It’s a great series to watch if you’re in need of something a bit more serious that offers decent action but doesn’t overdo it with the gore (yeah, we’re looking at you Attack on Titan). It may have a slow burn getting into, but give it time and we think it’ll grow on you. You can catch it streaming on Amazon. 

Elegant Yokai Apartment of Life

Best Summer Anime 2017

During a freak accident, Yushi Inaba’s high school dorm burns down forcing him to look for a new place to leave. He finds one for a really low price (only 25,000 yen) and moves in as soon as he can. It turns out that there was a reason that apartment was so cheap, and now he plays roomate to ghosts, yokai, and other supernatural beings.

Elegant Yokai Apartment of Life can be quite weird, constantly throwing new curveballs for Inaba to deal with as he tries to balance everyday life with what appears to be a rotating door of spirits. He’ll work to help them while also keeping himself sane and in one piece. It’s funny, but can also tug at your heartstrings when you least expect it. It’s currently streaming on Crunchyroll so get out there and see what it’s all about. 


Best Summer Anime 2017

If the title looks a bit familiar to you, that’s because this is a spin-off of sorts to the highly popular Fate/Stay Night. In fact, Fate/Apocrypha is set in a parallel world, so these events are happening at the same time, just… differently. In this timeline, a Ruler is called upon by the House of Einzbern instead of an Avenger, which shifts the entire focus to that of the a war between the Red and Black factions.

It’s a nice twist on the original story, showing what could’ve been, had a different decision been made at the start of it all. The two factions rely on mages and magi which lend themselves to beautiful battles and a deep fantasy tale. The best part is you don’t have to wait for the series to come around every week, as the season released on Netflix just this month. 

Hell Girl

Best Summer Anime 2017

Hell Girl is something a bit darker, which you probably figured out by the series name. It follows Ai Enma, a young girl who appears when called to send a person to hell for their transgressions against whoever summoned her. At times the person is definitely evil and worthy of going to hell, but sometimes that isn’t the case, leaving every episode feeling like a dark, twisted mystery as you watch a person tortured, and eventually damned. What’s more intriguing is seeing how far a person is willing to go, as the price to use Ai Enma’s services is for a person to agree to go to hell when their own life has ended.

If you’re looking for something action-packed, this is certainly not going to appeal to you. But you shouldn’t overlook it simply for that. Ai Enma’s story, and those of her acquaintances, are sad and beautiful, and each episode feels like a brand new show of its own as you delve into the lives of new characters on the verge of damnation. The fourth season just started up, and it seems just as good if not better than the previous ones. It’s streaming on both Amazon and Crunchyroll so you have no real excuse not to give it a shot. 


Best Summer Anime 2017

castlevania, netflix series

When Castlevania was revealed to be heading to Neflix with a new series, many wondered if this was a bad idea. While there have been some instances of solid animation based on video games, there was always the chance that it would be horrible. Thankfully, this partnership between Konami and Netflix is anything but. It’s a solid, dark take on the beloved series.

It has everything you could possibly want in a series based on Castlevania. Striking art, brutal action, and more monsters than anyone could know what to do with. The story is definitely captivating as you see the torment Dracula brings upon the people of Wallachia after they wronged him. The only issue some may have with the series is that the first season (which is all that’s available right now) is incredibly short, coming in at only four episodes, all of which are under half an hour long.  The second season, due out some time in 2018, will be double the length, so that’s something to look forward to. Still, even though it is short, you should definitely check out the first season which you can easily finish in less time it will take you to watch a single movie. 


Best Summer Anime 2017

18if is a pretty weird anime full of magic, supernatural influences, and tons of adventure. It all starts when the protagonist, Haruto Tsukishiro, meets Lily in his dreams. What starts out innocently enough evolves into Haruto learning about powerful witches who must be stopped. Of course, with this being a dream world, not everything is going to work how Haruto would expect. From giant teddy bears, to whimsically designed forests, everything has the potential to leave Haruto in complete awe.

The story is pretty darn enjoyable, and the design of the world pulls you in. It’s definitely imaginative, and that alone makes it an anime that is certainly worth your time. It’s currently available on Cruncyroll and Funimation, and if you jump in now you’ll only be a few episodes behind. 

Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project

Best Summer Anime 2017

Battle Girl High School is one of the more fun entries on this list. The story is set in the future where these mysterious “invaders” suddenly appeared and threatened humanity. It’s not clear where they came from exactly, but what is clear is that they must be stopped and the world is in desperate need of heroes. That’s where the Shinjugammine Girls Academy comes in. They’re just ordinary girls who are will to fight against the invaders to reclaim their home.

Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project is full of some solid action and, as you’d expect, some fun humor to keep you invested. The only issue is it’s not available on any US streaming services. But, if you can get access to Hidive or AnimeLab, you can start catching up with this brand new series and root for girls all over the world. 

A Centaur’s Life

Best Summer Anime 2017

This slice of life series follows Himeno Kimihara, a centaur girl who goes to school with other supernatural beings as she deals with life, growing up, and even some romance. The other beings range from other centaurs, to satyrs, mermaids, and even demons. There’s a whole lot going on, and it’s full of surprises as you meet different creatu… err, students.

The artstyle isn’t anything particularly unique, but it’s the writing that stands out as angels, demons, and plenty other beings interact with one another. it’s a fun anime that’s great for even younger watchers (although there can be moments with more mature humor sneaked in). If you’re tired of action and drama, give this one a look on Crunchyroll or Funimation. 

Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun

Best Summer Anime 2017

Another slice of life anime that takes place mostly in and around school, Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun brings all the laughs and confusion you’d expect from an anime with that title while keeping things grounded in the real world. The series follows Aoyama, a new student and an absolute master of soccer. He has just one major flaw, he absolutely hates dirt, which can often get in the way and create some hilarious situations.

It probably sounds kind of silly at first glance, and that’s because it is. But there’s enough drama and great sports animation to make this series more intriguing than you’d expect. Plus, the antics that Aoyama and his friends get into and simply watching him go nuts clean is super fun. You can watch it Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun on Crunchyroll where it just started a couple of weeks ago. 

My Hero Academia

Best Summer Anime 2017

This particular anime’s second season actually started in the Spring, but since it’s still running, we figured we’d let you know to check it out immediately so you can catch up and see all the fun you’ve been missing. My Hero Academia takes place on a world much like our own, only it’s filled with super heroes and villains. The series follows Izuku Mioriya as he enters U.A. High, a school specifically for heroes, and seeks to become a great hero in his own right.

The series is full of action, fantasy, super powers, drama, and tons of comedy. There’s honestly never a dull moment in My Hero Academia and it’s no surprise that the series has been growing in popularity ever since the first season. You can find both seasons on Crunchyroll, with the current season getting a new episode every week. Trust us, you won’t regret adding this action packed, superhero slugfest to your rotation.

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