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Games Like Life Is Strange if You’re Looking For Similar Games


Games Like Life Is Strange if You’re Looking For Similar Games

Other titles with choices, coming-of-age stories, and west coast vibes.

Dontnod Entertainment launched their adventure game, Life is Strange, back in 2015. It took fans by absolute storm. Looking for more games similar to that gameplay style but don’t want to play the sequel? Here are games like Life Is Strange if you’re looking for similar games!

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Until Dawn

Games Like Life Is Strange

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This Sony exclusive stayed under the radar until a bit after it actually came out back in 2015. After people started to see how fantastic it was, the game then proved to be one of the best horror games in recent years.

Similar to Life is Strange, Until Dawn has you making very difficult choices which makes up for the base of the game. Every decision you make is very important if you want to keep all of the characters alive by the end of the game.

There are dozens of endings that entice players to start the game over upon completion just to see what would have happened if you took that other route or if you had not said that one mean thing about that one character.

The choices are crucial in Until Dawn, but unlike Life is Strange, you can’t rewind time if you don’t like the outcome; these young adults do not harness the power of time travel, unfortunately.

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