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Is the Xbox One X Right for You? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Is the Xbox One X Right for You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Are you and the Xbox One X right for each other?

Do You Have an Xbox One?

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With Microsoft’s Xbox One X now unveiled and set to release in November, many players will be wondering if the console is actually right for them. That’s where we’ve come in to help. All you need to do is click on the answer at the bottom of the page that best applies to you and keep doing so until you arrive at your answer. Just ignore those pesky arrows up at the top of the page. They’ll just try and cloud your judgement (and completely break the quiz, too!)

Let’s start things off nice and easy. On your first step to discovering whether you and the upcoming Xbox One X are a match made in heaven, the first thing we need to know is whether or not you already have an Xbox One in your home?

Whether you’ve got the original Xbox One or last year’s revised Xbox One S, the Xbox One X will still provide a number of improvements to your gaming experience. Of course, if you don’t already have one, there are a few other questions you might want to take into account first.





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