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Witness Project Rap Rabbit’s Cheeky Turn-Based Battle Rap Concept


Witness Project Rap Rabbit’s Cheeky Turn-Based Battle Rap Concept

The first look at Project Rap Rabbit’s gameplay is messy, but promising.

Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter backers and rhythm game fanatics have finally gotten a small taste of what the game’s back-and-forth rap battle segments might look like. During a special livestream where creators Keiichi Yano and Masaya Matsuura imparted additional information about the game, what can be considered Rap Rabbit’s first real footage was shown off.

The video is messy, to say the least, but it’s meant as a proof of concept to demonstrate how the rap scenes might play out. We see a quick battle where our rabbit rapper is facing off against some slithering snakes who have nothing but disses for our hero.

Players will select parts of speech and topics to start out their flows, and then recite them to their opponents as the beat plays on. Obviously, this proof of concept video features lyrics and voiceovers from Yano-san himself, so the bizarre broken English in some parts and the lackluster voice acting should be forgiven. Still, it seems as though the video itself is a bit rushed considering how much money is being asked from interested backers. It’s also very short, with only a verse or two of proposed rap lyrics and character voice acting.

At the time of this writing, the project has only amassed $177,443 of its projected $1,090,173 goal. It has 10 days remaining to reach said goal or the project will not be funded. This doesn’t bode well for Project Rap Rabbit, as it may be difficult to see an enormous bump in pledges during its final stretch, so hopefully its developers have an alternate plan in place for if it ends up failing.


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