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Here’s Why Europe’s SNES Classic Edition Looks Different

SNES Classic Edition

Here’s Why Europe’s SNES Classic Edition Looks Different

Different designs, but why?

Today, Nintendo announced that the SNES Classic Edition was a thing. It arrives on Sept. 29 and comes with 21 pre-loaded games, including the never before released Star Fox 2. Yet, while SNES Classic Edition is releasing in the US and Europe on Sept. 29 and will feature the same list of games, the design of the console is drastically different.

The reason Europe’s SNES Classic Edition’s design looks different is simply to hark back to the design differences that Nintendo made back when the SNES first released in territories all those years ago. While the Super NES in America had the purple and pale gray color scheme that fans in the continent have come to know and love, those fans in Japan and Europe were treated to a slightly different design aesthetic.

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One with a more curved design, different colored buttons on the controller, and a sleek, curved gray shell for the system itself. Basically, a larger version of the SNES Classic Edition that Nintendo announced for Europe today.

The European version of the SNES.

Exactly why Nintendo opted for these different designs back in the 1990s is unclear, but knowing that the system looked different depending on where you bought it certainly explains why the SNES Classic Edition looks different in Europe compared to the US.

Currently, pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition aren’t up anywhere in the US, but be warned, it’s likely to sell out incredibly quickly if the NES Classic Edition is anything to go by.

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