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7 Ways Metroid Prime 4 Can Rejuvenate The Series


7 Ways Metroid Prime 4 Can Rejuvenate The Series

Nobody wants another Other M.

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Focus on Atmosphere

The Metroid series is one that serves as a reminder of just how important the atmosphere of a game truly is. Beautiful graphics and stunning visuals can still mean absolutely nothing if the atmosphere hasn’t been set properly. When Metroid Prime released, there wasn’t an abundance of attention around atmospheric gaming. Despite that, Metroid still charged ahead and emphasized the importance of creating an environment that truly felt like a desolate world.

Even after 15 years Metroid Prime is still remembered for its stunning atmosphere and the variety of elements developers used to create it. In order to make a strong return, Metroid Prime 4 will have to keep this now age-old tradition going and deliver its atmosphere in a way that’s even more impressive than it has been in the past.

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