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Valkyria Revolution: How to Beat the Valkyria Boss


Valkyria Revolution: How to Beat the Valkyria Boss

How to Beat the Valkyria Boss in Valkyria Revolution

Boss battles are definitely the most challenging aspect of Valkyria Revolution, truly testing your skills in battle. Few bosses in the game are quite as daunting as the Valkyria however, a mystical being that you’ll face off against more than once, who also takes the form of a Reaper at first. The Valkyria possesses some devastating moves that can significantly reduce the health of your entire party if you’re not careful, there is a trick to defeating her, however.

Make sure that you’re bringing a well-rounded party to each battle. Ensure that you have characters that can perform skills for each of the four elements as you’ll need all four to face the Valkyria. When the battle starts, it’s a good idea to switch to a solo formation, as the boss has moves that have a large area of effect. By switching to solo, your allies will usually try and run out of the way of the Valkyria’s attacks, whereas in squad formation, they’ll try and stick close to you.

The key with this boss is to watch the floating orb that spins around it. The orb will change colors randomly between red, blue, green, and yellow. Whichever color the orb currently is, you’ll want to use an attack of the opposite element. So Fire and Water cancel each other out, while Earth and Wind do the same. The boss will be weak to these attacks, but more importantly, you can interrupt its attacks by using the opposite element of the orb. This can be invaluable as its attacks hit hard. Make sure to use a healer or items to keep your health up, and don’t be afraid to use your stock to replenish RP either. Just keep chipping away at the boss and helping downed allies up, and eventually, you’ll overcome the battle.

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