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Valkyria Revolution: How to Upgrade Guns and Grenades


Valkyria Revolution: How to Upgrade Guns and Grenades

How to Upgrade Guns and Grenades in Valkyria Revolution

Secondary weapons are a big part of your arsenal in Valkyria Revolution, allowing you to decimate enemies with powerful guns and grenades. Of course, the weapons you start with aren’t the only ones you’ll get, as you can upgrade them and purchase new ones at Basil’s Factory in Elsinor.

Once you’ve gotten to the factory, just talk to Basil himself to bring up the factory menu, then select R&D. Here you’ll see a list of different guns you have, and you can use the tabs to see a selection of gun types and grenades. Simply select the upgrade option you want and research it, then voila, you’ve got yourself a more powerful secondary weapon. Keep in mind that each piece of research costs kr (money) and you can blow through quite a bit of cash pretty quickly. It’s usually a good idea to visit Basil’s Factory between each battle and see what new options you might have, however, as new R&D options are added fairly regularly. Use the factory to your advantage to give your party a boost before big battle and missions.

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