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Valkyria Revolution: How to Heal Characters During Battle


Valkyria Revolution: How to Heal Characters During Battle

How to Heal in Valkyria Revolution

Battles can get pretty intense in Valkyria Revolution, throwing tons of enemies at you at one time. Your party members are sure to get beat up from time to time, so knowing how to heal them will be essential. Your character’s health will slowly restore on its own, but you’ll probably want to heal faster. Luckily, there’s plenty of options at your disposal for healing, so you shouldn’t have too hard a time keeping everyone’s health up.

The first way of healing in Valkyria Revolution is with basic recovery items. These can be purchased from your headquarters in town, or obtained through completing different tasks. To use items from your pouch hit the triangle button (Y on Xbox) to bring up the menu during battle. If you scroll to the left side and select the item button you can see a list of what you’re able to use, then simply select it to do so.

You can also use certain Ragnite skills to restore character’s health in Valkyria Revolution. Healing abilities are always associated with water ragnite, and it’s easiest to have Sappers equip these abilities. You can get Ragnite like Heal Field, which will restore health to everyone in a set area. Just make sure you’re bringing at least one character into battle that has some kind of healing Ragnite equipped for use. Later on in the game Princess Ophelia will also gain access to Galdr abilities that she can use to heal the entire party.

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