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Valkyria Revolution: How to Get More Ragnite


Valkyria Revolution: How to Get More Ragnite

How to Get More Ragnite in Valkyria Revolution

Ragnite is one of the most important resources you’ll have in Valkyria Revolution, as it grants your party members brand new skills to use in battle. Of course you’ll want to get your hands on as many of these gems as possible, equipping your characters with the strongest Ragnite you can find. There’s also a second use for the gems, however, as you’ll need to use the gems to upgrade your party member’s skills at Basil’s Factory. Luckily, Valkyria Revolution does make it fairly easy to obtain new gems.

The first way of getting more is by visiting the Promenade in Elsinore. At the end of the left path, you’ll find a Ragnite shop that sells level 1 gems for roughly 300 kr apiece. The store will update with new ones as you make your way through the story, however. Although you can buy them, the bulk of your Ragnite will come from spoils that you get in battle. Killing certain enemies, particularly commanders, will often reward you with a gem. At the end of battle you’ll see a list of everything that you obtained. Playing Free Battles that pop up on the world map can be a great way to accumulate Ragnite, rewarding you with upwards of ten or more with the longer battles. Playing a couple Free Missions can be a good way to grind for some new abilities, or a way to upgrade your characters.

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