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Valkyria Revolution: How to Get More Priorities


Valkyria Revolution: How to Get More Priorities

How to Get More Priorities in Valkyria Revolution

Despite not being a tactical game, Valkyria Revolution still gives you some level of strategy you can use to set up your party. In particular, priorities are what you use to dictate what your characters focus on in battle, like targeting enemy grunts or supporting other party members. Priorities can be assigned through the tactics option in the main menu, and you’ll start of with a sizable list of options. However, you are able to unlock quite a few more throughout Valkyria Revolution by finding Circles.

On the main menu you’ll see an option for Circles, and under it is displayed a list of characters and groups. These are essentially small scenes between groups of party members that take place around the city. You’ll know a Circle can be viewed if a red exclamation point pops up next to it. Then you’ll just need to travel the various districts of Elsinore and find where the Circle meets. After viewing the scene you’ll be rewarded with a brand new priority, so make sure to view as many as you can.

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