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Valkyria Revolution: How to Get More Ammo


Valkyria Revolution: How to Get More Ammo

How to Get More Ammo in Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution gives you quite a few different options to choose from in battle, one of which is guns. This time around the focus isn’t on guns being your main weapon, but more of a sub weapon that you can use to take down enemies from range or switch things up a bit. They can be powerful tools when used correctly, however, so you’ll want to make the best use of them. Guns do come with limited ammo in each battle, although there is a way you can replenish it.

Different guns will have varying degrees of ammo in Valkyria Revolution, but each kind of gun can get more ammunition by capturing bases within each battle. Bases are marked by flags both in the world and on the map, and you’ll need to defeat all the enemies around a base to capture it. Once you have captured it, however, a portion of each party member’s ammo will be replenished. This provides a good way of keeping ammo for your guns throughout a mission, but still be wary of running out.

Additionally, you can increase the amount of ammo you bring into battle by equipping new gear. If you go to the tailor in Elsinor you can use different resources to order gear, that has various effects. By ordering a new pouch, you’re able to increase the amount of ammunition you have. Try experimenting with different resources and see which benefits you like best.

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