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Valkyria Revolution: How to Find Circles and What They Do


Valkyria Revolution: How to Find Circles and What They Do

How to Find Circles and What They Do in Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution’s story is all about a close knit group of soldiers in the elite Vanargand unit. There’s quite a few optional story segments that flesh out each of these characters and their relationships even more. One of these options, that you might notice a menu option for, is Circles. These group characters together based on likes or personality traits and gives you some fun conversations to watch.

If you open the Circles option on your menu you’ll see a list of characters. However, each Circle will remain a mystery until you’ve found it at least once. After each battle and mission you go on, make sure to open the menu and check Circles. If there’s a new scene to view, there’ll be a red exclamation point next to the group. Unfortunately, until you’ve found a Circle you won’t be able to tell where the group meets. Because of this, you’ll need to wander around the various areas of Elsinore until you’ve found them. After you have, just head back to that spot when you see a red exclamation point and watch a new scene. What’s even better about Circles is that each scene rewards you with a new priority to set for your party member’s tactics. Just make sure you’re checking the menu after each mission so you can see everything.

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