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Valkyria Revolution: How to Disarm Mines


Valkyria Revolution: How to Disarm Mines

How to Disarm Mines in Valkyria Revolution

Battles in Valkyria Revolution will throw a lot more than just enemies at you, as you’ll need to overcome some obstacles along the way as well. One of the biggest threats to your party are mines, which can absolutely decimate a character’s health bar if you manage to stumble into one. Mines will start appearing on maps about halfway through Valkyria Revolution, and they’re usually scattered about in large numbers. Luckily, they’re fairly easy to spot and even easier to disarm.

Just be wary of mines as you’re traveling through battles in Valkyria Revolution; they’ll appear as small grey discs on the ground. In order to disarm them, you’ll need to have a Sapper with you, so bring either Blum or Sara into battle with you as they’re the only two Sappers. Take control of Sara or Blum and move them over the mine, then hit R1 to disarm it.

If you don’t have a Sapper with you in battle, there is still a way to get rid of mines, you’ll just need to destroy them. You can use either Ragnite or guns to do this, just make sure to keep a safe distance.

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