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Valkyria Revolution: How to Defeat Grand General Gustav and the Flying Tank


Valkyria Revolution: How to Defeat Grand General Gustav and the Flying Tank

How to Defeat Grand General Gustav and the Flying Tank in Valkyria Revolution

Boss battles in Valkyria Revolution are easily the most challenging sections of the entire game, pitting you against deadly and oftentimes massive enemies. Grand General Gustav is one of the big battles in Chapter 7, and he brings a giant flying tank to bear against your measly four-person party. You’re gonna want to settle in for a long battle, as Gustav’s tank has a ridiculous amount of health, and he’ll sporadically drop off an entire squad of elite soldiers.

Before the battle starts, make sure you’ve got at least one healer with you and one character that has some powerful Earth moves. One viable option is to equip Amleth with an Earth skill as well as a Fire skill that boosts his attack, which will allow him to cause significant damage in the battle. Gustav’s tank is weak to Earth, so you’ll want someone that can interrupt his attacks and stagger him. The flying tank can be hard to take down purely because of the fact that it can fly pretty well out of your reach. The tank has two turbines on each of its wings, which is what you’ll want to focus all of your attacks on.

When Gustav is up in the air, you can use guns and rockets to pepper the turbines with attacks. Every once in a while, the tank will swoop down onto the battlefield. This is when you’ll want to position your character with Earth attacks in front of the turbine. Use grenades, special attacks, and whatever you can to destroy the turbines. If you can destroy all four before the tank flies up, it’ll be staggered momentarily, letting you unleash a few more attacks.

Every time Gustav swoops down, he’ll drop another squadron of soldiers, so when he flies back up make sure to focus all of your efforts on them. Gustav will, of course, hit you with some devastating attacks from the tank all the while. Don’t be afraid to use your healer and plenty of items to keep your party’s health up, but just be aware of where Gustav’s health is and how much of the battle is left. You may have to throw yourself against the flying tank for awhile, but just focus solely on hitting the turbines and you’ll eventually bring down one of the toughest bosses of Valkyria Revolution.

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