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Valkyria Revolution: How to Change Squad Formation and What It Does


Valkyria Revolution: How to Change Squad Formation and What It Does

How to Change Squad Formation and What It Does in Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution lets you bring a squad of four characters into battle, each of which can have different strengths and skills. Coordinating your party member’s actions and attacks is integrally important to winning battles, and taking advantage of enemies’ weaknesses. Luckily, Valkyria Revolution gives you many different options for organizing your allies. Including priorities and tactics you can also change the overall formation of your squad on the fly.

To do this just hit R1 (RB on Xbox) at any time. You’ll notice there’s three options; Squad, Partner, and Solo. Each of these groups your party members together in a different way, squad localizes them to your controlled character engaging enemies close to you, while partner splits the group into two pairs that stay close and support each other. Meanwhile, solo splits the entire party up to take actions on their own, and can work well to spread out and engage a large enemy group. You’ll want to use each of these formations according to the flow of battle, localizing your squad if things start to get hairy and so on.

At the same time you can also change the focus of your formation by using left and right on the D=Pad. This allows you to cycle through offense, defense, support and free, which correspond to that your party members will focus on. Free, of course, means your allies will take whatever action they see fit. The formation system really is there for you to adjust your battle plan on the fly, so make sure to use it liberally.

For more tips and guides on Valkyria Revolution, make sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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