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Valkyria Revolution: How to Capture Bases and What They Do


Valkyria Revolution: How to Capture Bases and What They Do

How to Capture Bases in Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution drops you into some pretty massive battles, and you’ll want to control the flow of combat as much as possible. At the top of your screen, you’ll see the battle meter that dictates who has the advantage in the conflict. This affects things like damage, how likely status effects are to occur, and whether the enemy can call in reinforcements. Various things will affect this gauge like defeating enemy captains, but the biggest influence comes with capturing bases.

Bases are marked by colored flags both in battle and on the map screen, and there’s usually at least a couple on any given battle. To capture a base you’ll simply need to defeat all enemies around it. If you don’t see the animation for capturing a base play, make sure to check up on buildings and behind barricades to make sure there isn’t some stray enemy trying to shoot at you. There are other benefits to capturing bases in Valkyria Revolution of course, as doing so will restore a bit of your party’s ammunition for their guns. Additionally, if you find yourself outmatched and overwhelmed by the opposing army you can head to any base and retreat from the battle, but you’ll still retain all of the spoils you obtained.

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