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Valkyria Revolution: How to Beat Scorpion Tanks


Valkyria Revolution: How to Beat Scorpion Tanks

How to Beat Scorpion Tanks in Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution has quite a few different enemy types you’ll face off against during your experience. Besides the horde of foot soldiers you’ll face, you’re going to go up against various bosses including tanks. Scorpion tanks are the ones that you’ll be going up against the most, and while the battles aren’t generally too difficult they can last a while if you’re not sure how to approach them.

Scorpion tanks are large enemies with four different legs and a Ragnite core at the center. Luckily there’s a couple different ways of approaching these battles in Valkyria Revolution. First off, you can go right for the core with your party’s guns. Just aim right for the blue center and you’ll be able to take off a decent chunk of health. You may not be able to take a Scorpion Tank down with just gunfire, but it’ll at least get you a fair ways through the battle.

Now what you’ll need to do is focus on taking out the legs of the tank first. Once you’ve beaten a leg to the breaking point the tank will stagger and fall to the ground, now you can rush up to the Ragnite core and unload as many attacks as possible on it. Scorpion Tanks are always weak to Water so make sure to bring a magic user with plenty of Water attacks to the battle.

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