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Valkyria Revolution: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are


Valkyria Revolution: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How Long Is Valkyria Revolution?

Valkyria Revolution may be quite a bit different from Chronicles, but it’s just as long of an experience. There’s a ton of story packed into the game, on top of story missions and optional content you can undertake. Don’t expect a short experience, as Valkyria Revolution loves to throw lengthy cutscenes and missions your way. Whereas Valkyria Chronicles was a pretty straightforward experience, Revolution has a main story interspersed with optional battles and content.

The game is split up into ten different chapters of varying length, some of which only have one battle while others can contain multiple ones. On average, the game should take you anywhere between 40-45 hours to complete, if you want to keep optional content to a minimum. Our own playthrough clocked in just barely over 40 hours. Of course, this time will increase depending on how many Free Missions you undertake, and if you go back through the History Book and Notebook to watch all the optional cutscenes. Completing absolutely everything in the game could easily add on another 10-15 hours. There’s definitely enough content in Valkyria Revolution to keep JRPG fans busy for a while.

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