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Valkyria Revolution Will Receive Free DLC for Three Weeks After Release

Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution Will Receive Free DLC for Three Weeks After Release

Free battles and more.

Valkyria Revolution, the new title in the Valkyria series of games, is set to release next week. Players picking up the title will also get a healthy amount of free content releasing in waves for three weeks after the game’s launch.

The first set of content is slated for June 27, alongside the game. The first pack includes new gear and supplies to aid players in battle, while the second is filled with various new scenarios. Titled Vanargand, it has two unique scenarios and a resource known as ragnite for use in battle.

The third pack, titled The Circle of Five,  will be available on July 5 and has four more scenarios for players to try their hand at. The fourth pack is called The Princess and the Valkyria, and will be available one week later on July 11, with three more scenarios to extend gameplay. The final pack is titled Maxim and Remembrance and has three new scenarios as well as a new party member.

A video was also released exploring the creation of the game’s new theme with composer Yasunori  Mitsuda and singer Sarah Alainn. It looks at how the two collaborated to create a piece of music that captured the feel of this new kind of Valkyria game.

All of this content will be free, greatly expanded what will already be a content heavy game. The Valkyria series has typically been a turn-based RPG with gameplay similar to that of the recent XCOM games. It features stylized anime graphics and plenty of action set in a fictional WW2 setting. Valkyria Revolution is more of a spin-off from the main series, featuring more action and a different story.

Valkyria Revolution will release for Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita on June 27, 2017.

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